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Remember to alert us to double-counting issues. Affiliate networks An organisation that operates as a middleman between online retailers and a network of affiliated websites. The affiliates carry advertising for the retailers with the aim of driving traffic, and thereby sales, and are rewarded on the basis of each transaction. The databases can be used to target specific audiences either as part of existing email communications e. Online retailer or service You are not primarily a media company.

Your primary business is selling goods or services through the internet. You may be a business such as a grocery retailer where online advertising revenues are significant, but peripheral to your core business. Online recruiter Your primary business is recruitment. You may be just an online firm or you may have a high street presence, but advertising revenues are likely to be only a part of your income.

Other websites You are not a media owner. Nor are you an online retailer.

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However your website does contain advertising and now that it has become a media property, we are keen that you report your data to give us a complete picture. You may be a consumer brand or a utility company, but online advertising remains peripheral to your core business.

Therefore, to report revenue as accurately as possible, it is defined as net advertising revenue earned by internet media companies and mobile network operators in Romania, designed and intended for an audience in Romania. Invoices Where an estimate is made in a particular month due to invoices or supporting documentation not being available , the revenue for the subsequent period when the invoice or supporting detail is available should be adjusted to incorporate any impact on the year-to-date position arising from this adjustment.

Packaged deal These allocations that are specific to businesses with Internet and traditional media properties should represent the portion of the total media deal that is related to advertising on websites, online services, email, mobile, etc. These revenues should also be reported on an earned basis.

The allocation would represent the portion of a media buy that may include other traditional media, e. Production costs The revenues that you report should relate only to the cost of the media space that is sold. If you play any part in the production of advertising on behalf of clients, the related revenues should not be included in your submission. Examples of internet advertising revenue reporting Reporting entity has sites with advertising on the web and also has a site on a commercial online service provider A banner advert is sold by a third-party sales house for 3 months for a price of 15, lei for the period 15 July to 15 October.

What revenue should be reported for August? By whom? Response: The sales house who sold the advert on behalf of the website where it was displayed should report advertising revenue.

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In addition, the classification should be indicated i. Telecommunications, Motors, etc. Response: Even though the amount spent online is not shown in the contract, an internal allocation can and should be made to this portion. The allocated portion should be based on earned as opposed to billed basis as noted in other examples. Barter for goods and services An advertising placement is exchanged in full or in part for goods or services i.

For example, the website gives a 3 month banner campaign in exchange for the hotel rooms, assuming that the value of the rooms received has a fair market value of 10, lei. Response: The advertising revenue should be reported by the website as the banner is displayed i. What type of internet advertising do I carry? The following definitions should help you to categorise the different types of online advertising that you carry. Embedded formats - these are online formats that occupy a fixed position on the webpage such as a banner, skyscraper, button or MPU.

These can include both static adverts and animated rich media formats like expandable banners. Content sponsorship - advertiser sponsorships of content areas e. This category also includes revenue related to email advertising or prioritised listing of results in search engines that are included as part of the sponsorship deal.

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Interruptive formats e. This could be in the form of a static, one-page splash screen that appears between pages of content or animated rich media overlays that appear over the top of the page. Display advertising on email - advertising that appears around the unrelated editorial content of email newsletters.

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This can take the form of embedded formats like banners, or as sponsorship, and includes both opt-in sent to customers specifically requesting it and opt-out sent to customers with the option to be removed at their request emails. Tenancy - tenants have a more complex relationship with media owners than straight forward advertisers, even though some of their work may include advertising. The key is that although part of what they buy is media space often a whole channel within a media property , they may also generate revenue shares for the media owner through commissions on sales or bounty payments that result from customers interacting with their services.

Examples may be the dating services inside portals or bookstores inside online newspapers. These are long term strategic partnerships that deliver radically enhanced experiences to the user, typically providing content or online services to their prospective customers. Not all websites have tenancies, but for those that do the amounts can be significant.

In this research, we are only tracking the media space revenues and not the portion of tenancy income that is ecommerce revenue. Be sure to remove any of these commissions or bounties when you send us the data. If you are unsure whether some of your key clients are sponsors or tenants then contact IAB Romania.

This can include pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll formats. This is separate to rich media advertising as it is advertising that is sold around online video content, whereas rich media is streamed advertising that is launched on static web pages. Online video advertising will only launch when a piece of online video content is viewed. It is specific to the content against which it is attached and not the static web pages that the content may be launched from. Display affiliates advertising - this is a display advertising format where payment to the website is made on an agreed basis that may involve a combination of CPC cost per click , CPA cost per action or CPM cost per thousand.

This form of advertising is used by websites to provide leads to retailers. Solus email advertising is conducted on an opt-in basis where the recipient has given their consent to receive communications. Although some of these may include images, we think of classifieds as being listings rather than graphical adverts, in a way that mirrors the classified adverts you find in the regional and national press. Unlike search advertising, classified ads are typically listed according to a common category in this case recruitment and quite often on a website that is dedicated solely to that category.

Reported revenues should relate only to the direct cost of listing the advert rather than money generated from additional services.

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Business to business classifieds - classified advertising that is directed towards business customers. Paid-for listings within general search services - this includes all of the non-graphical search advertising formats from keywords to direct feeds, local search and pay per call. Search is sold on a pay-per-click basis where the advertiser pays only when a visitor to the search website clicks on their advert. Mobile Internet Advertising - advertising tailored to and delivered through wireless mobile devices excluding laptops such as smartphones, feature phones lower-end mobile phones capable of accessing mobile content , and media tablets.

Only media revenues are reported to ensure fair comparison to other formats. Other - includes other advertising types such as advertorials, microsites, product placements and in-game advertising. Participants should give details of what these revenues relate to. Does the survey under-report the market?

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We only report on the data we receive from the media companies who participate, which represent websites in Romania that either directly, or indirectly, participate. The report always seeks to represent the total market size as reflected by the contributors. All reported amounts represent aggregated data supplied by the contributors. No estimates are included in the aggregate amounts to cover those entities that are not participants. However, there are more media companies out there and we have an open invitation to them to take part. Slotting fees or positional surcharges are charged to advertisers by online companies to secure premium positioning of an advertisement on their site, category exclusivity or similar preference positioning.

Any slotting fees charged should be included in your returns. What is meant by share of transaction revenue and should this be included?


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Affiliates are paid a commission for sales generated from online shoppers that they have referred to the site of an online retailer. The affiliate gets a percentage of the sale as commission. Some retailers offer a sliding scale for the amount of commission to reward affiliate sites that generate high traffic, while others stick to a flat fee. Some offer commission for that purchase only, others for all purchases that a customer makes in a fixed period or even for their lifetime as a customer.

As we are only tracking the media space revenues and not the portion of income that is ecommerce revenue, be sure to remove any shares of transactions when you send us the data.

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